Update Real Gas station V1.22.x

Real-Gas-station-2 Real-Gas-station-1

Tested version 1.22.x
Compatible with DLC
Compatible with Promods, TSM, MHAPro, Pack Jazzycat

* Respect the dowload link *

Author: Fred_be


9 thoughts on “Update Real Gas station V1.22.x

  1. download link are empty

  2. Adriandelahunedoara

    Does this have real gas stations for the Scandinavia DLC?

  3. @ramses: I have no problem
    @Adrian: it will happen

    1. works now

      1. Adriandelahunedoara

        I was asking because you had that Statoil mod and it doesn’t work anymore on 1.22…

  4. bimbo2704

    Scandinavia, again nothing. It’s really no one knows? I’m disappointed.

  5. It happens a little patience 🙂

  6. ted hegner

    thanks awesome

  7. Brausetablette

    Error in in the Gamelog on the ProMods Map:
    [model] Unknown variant name ‘be’ on model ‘/prefab/gas_big/gas_big.pmd’
    Freeway E42, shortly after Liege to Paris
    Without your mod i have no errors in the Gamelog.

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