URAL 43202 Tuned by Mastermods 1.14


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This Mod gives you a Ural-43202 truck which can be obtained at the Volvo dealer (large) or on-line. A different Mod can be combined toget better tuning and options. Currently, you can get 38,000 HP withthis truck which is a lot. Tested on 1.14.X

MasterMods, Ekualizer



6 thoughts on “URAL 43202 Tuned by Mastermods 1.14

  1. I dont see it at volvo dealers nowhere

  2. this is a load of ####,Why not you upload it on what the video introduce ?This is an old mod.

  3. Cool but give me back the old engine sound Please.

  4. Что бы ЭТО было чушью,ещё нужно заслужить…

  5. Calm down, Captain Serious.

    Someone seems to think ETS2 is a simulator because it says so in the title! Go drive a real truck kiddo!

  6. Doesn’t work

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