URAL 43202 Tuned by Mastermods 1.14


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This Mod gives you a Ural-43202 truck which can be obtained at the Volvo dealer (large) or on-line. A different Mod can be combined toget better tuning and options. Currently, you can get 38,000 HP withthis truck which is a lot. Tested on 1.14.X

MasterMods, Ekualizer



6 Responses to URAL 43202 Tuned by Mastermods 1.14

  1. Verdi says:

    I dont see it at volvo dealers nowhere

  2. azumi66 says:

    this is a load of ####,Why not you upload it on what the video introduce ?This is an old mod.

  3. klever says:

    Cool but give me back the old engine sound Please.

  4. Vitfon says:

    Что бы ЭТО было чушью,ещё нужно заслужить…

  5. JA says:

    Calm down, Captain Serious.

    Someone seems to think ETS2 is a simulator because it says so in the title! Go drive a real truck kiddo!

  6. lambo603 says:

    Doesn’t work

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