Uruguay Map v 2.2 BETA

Uruguay Map (1) Uruguay Map (2)

The creator of the Bolivian map and Uruguayan v1.0 here I bring a completely renovated new release. New towns, more details, deteriorated roads.
This wonderful beta frames the Uruguayan west.

The decision to release this beta is for the simple fact that the map I’m doing is going to take longer and I’m also working on a map of Peru and Argentina .

From already thank you very much

Author: MaxiZarich

DOWNLOAD 2 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Mediafire]

8 thoughts on “Uruguay Map v 2.2 BETA

  1. mcyolo420

    does it work with any other maps like: TSM, Promods, EAA, Rusmap, Russian Open Spaces?

    1. MaxiZarich

      NO, SORRY (for the moment)

  2. parabens pelo mapa , venho aqui solicitar ao editor a possibilidade de deixa-lo compativel e complementar com outros mapas , sem ter que mudar de perfil deixando assim o jogo muito melhor , com mais desafios .obrigado

  3. Se ve buenísimo voy a probarlo haber que tal

  4. MaxiZarich

    O mapa tem a intenção de uruguaios . Eu vou fazer unindo a América Latina com a Europa.

  5. ExperimentalTrucker

    Here is a video with exploration of the map plus a delivery……

    Picked up cargo in Colonia
    Going 2 explore around the map
    Drove a few places where I should not have gone
    Delivered cargo back in Colonia 1375km run

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