Used Truck Dealer(with American Trucks) and Used trucks in Quickjob v 1.1

Hello guys, have you ever thought how nice it would be to have so many varieties of trucks in the same. Keeping that in mind, today I am introducing a new Truck dealer in our small European World. So, our truck dealer is starting off with the trucks at a reasonable price.

Why should you buy the truck from the truck dealer?
1)ATS trucks available
2)The trucks are available at affordable prices.
3)Provide used trucks to your drivers.
4)Buy trucks at a cheap price in the beginning and boost your career.
5)Used Trucks in Quick jobs to make them realistic.

Advertising apart 😀
Salient Features of mod:-
1)Trucks in quickjob are now the used trucks with certain damage between 0-20%
2)Initially, more than 20 trucks are available at the truck dealer.
3)Starting off with most popular truck brands -Volvo and Scania. But, the other brands will be added with updates.
4)Each truck comes with a certain damage and high maintenance cost.
5)Each truck has its details highlighted with its name including the extra accessories and odometer/mileage readings.
6)The out of warranty trucks won’t get engine, cabin, chassis, and transmission upgrades from companies.
7)Each truck has different accessories and colors based on what the previous owner must have used.
8)Extra accessories will cost more as the trucks are not in mint condition.
9)The prices of new trucks are unchanged. (As in a similar mod, the values of new trucks are also changed.)
10)Realistic Truck Dealers and Quickjobs.

What’s in the future update?
I am trying to confirm if I can add ATS2 trucks int the game. If they allow me, the ATS2 trucks will be available in the Menu. The dealer is trying its best to get a license for American trucks in Europe. Also, I will be adding 10-20 trucks weekly.
How can I buy a truck?
You can buy the trucks from both “Access mod dealer” and “Usual truck dealer”. The used trucks are available with new trucks in a truck dealer but their names clear differentiate among used and new trucks.

How I did this?
I created a separate database for every truck so that when altering anything to the truck just affects the files of that particular truck. In other mods, the files of new trucks are linked to the used trucks which lead to various bugs like price change of everything or errors when you don’t apply the mod.

Want to uninstall the mod?
If you don’t want to use this mod anymore, then make sure that you have sold all the used trucks as disabling the mods will take away its data and some random truck will replace the truck.

Indianboss ( Steam – adishrtv)


9 thoughts on “Used Truck Dealer(with American Trucks) and Used trucks in Quickjob v 1.1

  1. Hello! A very good mod.
    Do you plan to also make a version for American Truck Simulator?
    Thank you in advance for your answer. 😉

    1. indianboss

      I will sure make the mod for American Truck Simulator as soon as i end up bringing all the ETS2 trucks. It usually take 2-3 hours to add 10 trucks. So, I will end up bringing the same mod for ATS in almost 2 weeks.

      1. Wow! I would be happy to integrate your mod in the Big Combo of my group, as soon as it is available. 🙂

  2. Piet Harmsen


  3. indianboss

    I assume you know how to turn on the mod after copy pasting it. Can you please show me the game log. Go to My documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/game log. Copy the entire text in file and share it with me. Make sure that you have 1.37.x version of game.

  4. what you have a cement mixer in ur home…lol…just joking nice mod

  5. Tankfrank35

    Allthough I will not use your mod I want to compliment you for your creative and usefull ideas 🙂

    Nicely done!!

  6. Diego Tavares


    I have two questions: Is there an updated version with only European standard trucks? Will you include DAF trucks in a future update?

    1. Indianboss

      The versions are the same and not updaed. I have included DAF trucks in the update with following link

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