V8K Scania Michelin Wheels for 1.22+


Scania Michelin Wheels Pack for Patch 1.22.x

1.22 Mod Manifest added by Sevquis
1.22 Tyre grading from Michelin to match real world XFA2s added by Sevquis

Red Kingz Wheels Updated
+ 3 New wheels
+ Decals and new Textures Option (standard/white/yellow)

No other download Hoster!

Authors: V8K-Blaine, BartvHam, KAMAZ, Максим Огневенко, Sevquis

V8K-Blaine, BartvHam, KAMAZ, Максим Огневенко, Sevquis


10 thoughts on “V8K Scania Michelin Wheels for 1.22+

  1. Hi, share that truck please.

    1. That’s the Scania R RJL Truck. You can find it here on ETS2.lt and the SCS forums too.

      1. No it’s not, it might be parts from it, but the black doll on lightbar is not and the inside of the cabin isnt either

        1. It probably is. Most of V8K-Blaine’s mods are for the RJL Series Scania R and T trucks. It’s probably a heavily modded Scania R with mods that have never been made public. See the bullbar? That’s only just come out from V8K towards the 3/4 mark of this year. The original mod for these wheels was for version 1.17.

  2. Karina-Moskva

    Cool. Thanks.

  3. WobblyCaptain

    Nice thanks 🙂

  4. thx for update …

    but I don’t know. On my pc, when I config itens, including rims and tyres and also when I’m on roads, I realize that wheels do not touch the floor/ground. it is the opposite of volvo wheels by Aslan808 &Mehdig where a few part of the wheels is under ther the floor level.

    I felt since v1.21 and now v1.22.2.6s

  5. I beg you to change to not replace the default/standard rims and wheels because sometime we have other truck non-Scania and have to change again because this mod replace.

  6. Matthias Meyer

    Please Update this Mod on 1.23.
    This Mod ist very good!!!

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