Vanessa Pashmina MAP 4.2 for ETS2 Beta 1.37

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Updated and Released the Vanemap to ETS2 Public Beta 1.37.
Repaired several textures are bad in the 1.37. Now works very well.
Requires ALL DLC EXPANSION Maps. (Scandinavia, France, Italy, Going East, Baltic and Black Sea)
if you found a bug report in [email protected]

Link1: Sharemods
Link2: Mediafire

Septian, Vanessa Pashmina (RIP), El Tio Alta Tension

Vanessa Pashmina (+) , Alta Tension MX.

DOWNLOAD 402 MB [mirror]

3 thoughts on “Vanessa Pashmina MAP 4.2 for ETS2 Beta 1.37

  1. Only 1.37 beta? works with 1.36? thx

  2. roadapples

  3. claudinei Luiz da Silva


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