Vehicle Reversing Sound Mod


Warning! Vehicle Reversing sound mod, This is for all trucks and all

Smith Engineering, R.Clarkson


13 Responses to Vehicle Reversing Sound Mod

  1. Rasmus Hintze says:

    Do you have the link for the truck?

    • Smith_Engineering says:

      Truck is private.

      • DeineMudda says:

        why you show it in the pic then? I Hate guys like you ._.

        • Smith_Engineering says:

          Who said the truck will be private all the time? i was going to release it, but if people want to be like this i may re-consider.

          • DeineMudda says:

            i only said i hate people, whcih show there trucks (and knwo that they look awesome) and say its private.

        • Adontegor says:

          How about you actually go get the software you need to make one yourself you selfish asswipe. That’s the problem with people like yourself you want everything you see and when you can’t have it you complain. Kill yourself.

          • trucker richy says:

            #### little boy cries because the guy tells him the truck is private. Make it yaself if you can DeineMudda and quit complaining when the owner says NO ####

          • DeineMudda says:

            lol. I dont said that i want it. I only said that i hate guys, which shoes there awesome trucks and say that it is private and noone other can get it.

    • sgtblazze says:

      that is a scania with mods

  2. Anton says:

    I made this sound for GTS years ago, I’m surprised it’s taken so long to find it’s way into ETS2.

    • volvooli says:

      Smith_Engineering made it from scratch mate. Do get to headstrong.

  3. trucker richy says:

    AWESOME mod. I have been waiting for someone to make this mod for f**king ages. WTG Smith. A+++++

  4. gariksh16 says:

    привет парни не могу скачать предлагает какой PDF что это?как скачать?подскажите пожалуйста

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