Vendrig Transport Pack


Pack request
tested 1.4.1
replaces: WGCC Trailer

Author: viniskin


4 Responses to Vendrig Transport Pack

  1. Joey Boerenkamp) says:

    Thank you very much. Is the skin for all volvo cabines and chassis? Thanks for making this skin for me.

    Greetz, Joey Boerenkamp

  2. viniskin says:

    Thank you. but I could not make perfect because it has a few photos of the company.

  3. Eersel111 says:

    I work at these truck at the garage đŸ™‚ funny to see them in the game now XD

  4. fritsthetrucker says:

    only thing you should change is the trailer skin. you should make one for the cement trailer.they’re hauling stuff with trailers like those.

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