Very Hard Economy Mod v 1.2


– Reduced XP per KM of 1XP on 0.1XP
– Increased required the average speed of 62 to 65 km/h
– Wahrscheindlichkeit an “Empty Cargo parking space” increases for a job offer from 10 to 25%
– Trucks to be immediately order online
– New drivers do not cost more € 1500 but only € 200

Author: Lamandus


7 thoughts on “Very Hard Economy Mod v 1.2

  1. TheBlackLion.


    1. I suppose you’re one of those that just hate any challenge in life. I do not use this mod, but I respect the idea. I’d probably take it in case of a new save file.

  2. Good, this is more realistic!

  3. Dose this one only work on “quick job”, or dose it work on “freight marked” aswell? Realy looking for a challenge here xD

  4. My game crashes when I load the profile during the loading. Should I start a new profile? This mod is very nice

  5. adi2003de

    wth is wahrscheindlichkeit ? 😀

  6. Game crashes on promods,tsm, and heavyalex maps.This is the only eco mod I’ m trying to use

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