Video Player mod v 0.1.4 beta

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– Mod allows you to watch video directly during the game;
– Ability to view videos of any length and any quality;
– Ability to add multiple video files at once;
– Video included Reportage BKF 1986
– Video edit, you must edit your Video to ogv file

bserved errors and shortcomings

– The video is dimmed in the color of the truck’s body
– A small screen;
– After starting the engine, the video starts again (There is a solution: Split into short files)
– Iveco Stralis and Iveco Stralis Hi-Way trucks are not supported. And also, not the default trucks

Attention !!! The mod is tested on ETS2 version 1.33.x, but should work on any other version.

Dont reupload !

Roman761 edit by Mr.GermanTruck


8 thoughts on “Video Player mod v 0.1.4 beta

  1. How/Where to put videos?

  2. Does it have a performance hit ?

  3. How to add video???

  4. Problem?

  5. i made a big tutorial 2 weeks before….
    use mine…

  6. Bonjour alors pour moi j’ai converti un fichier vidéo en ogv et je ne sais pas ou le mettre dans le dossier de ETS 2 pouvez-vous me préciser ou le mettre merci d’avance pour la réponse.

  7. Bonjour alors j’ai bien lu le tutoriel et je n’y comprend rien pouvez-vous me donner des infos plus détaillées?merci d’avance pour la réponse.

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