Volkswagen Amarok V6 v1.1

Last Modified (19/01/2024)
Working (1.46/1.47/1.48/1.49)

Version 1.1:
– Physics Adjustment
– New Sound
– Adjustments to the def



9 thoughts on “Volkswagen Amarok V6 v1.1

  1. no exhaust sound!

  2. maybe its only my problem but it doesnt have egine sound

    1. Me 2

  3. There is no sound on the new engine…

  4. Solved. The author uploaded the sound files with a compression.
    1) Open the scs archive using winrar
    2) Copy all files from the “sound” folder and put them in a folder on your PC
    3) Delete the contents of the “sound” folder in the archive
    4) Paste the sounds back into the archive, but when install them in the window, specify in the “Compression method” > “Store” column.
    What happen. The author put the sounds in the archive in compression mode, but you need to put the sounds in the archive without compression

    1. ATS Trucker

      i want to add this to my collection but its got to be of the same quality as your VW Voyage Turbo and Gol Quadrado and also your Chevy Veraneio, this is a nice looking model of the Amarok. (fix dodgy texture on gear stick area)

      @Max, you are correct, tested and can verify, follow his method and it shall work

  5. yasser toufah

    ### i have the 3D model of the citroen c4 grand picasso 2006 with interior can someone add it to ets2

    1. ...........

      I have this car from game city car driving

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