Volkswagen Amarok V6 v1.2

Last Modified (21/01/2024)
Working (1.46/1.47/1.48/1.49)

Version 1.2:
– Tweaks and improvements



11 thoughts on “Volkswagen Amarok V6 v1.2

  1. Merhaba 1.40 sürümüne atarmısınız modu lütfen

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  2. it has no sound

    1. yea it does maybe its only your problem because i have sound

  3. Alexandru adad

    cupra formentor

  4. ATS Trucker

    oh please you have to put in the interior nodes for more interior items such as those from Sisl’s mega pack and animated passengers mods, just like your VW voyage and gol turbo mods, also please update the Chevy Veraneio…. also will the F250 be released here too? big fan of your mods

  5. Bad interior model

    1. its a beta, excellent observation pind!ck, it even says so in the def files “Amarokbeta”

  6. perfekt Physics all perfect make more car mods

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