Volkswagen CC Arteon v 2.0

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–Ao ambiance coating (at best quality level)
-new engine sound
–2 engine option ( 1.9 TDİ low & 2.0 high ) engine option
-2 chasis option (arteon – passat cc)
-2 pointer color (yellow and red)
-cabin accessory
-cabin light
-original rims
-buy in all galleries
-arteon Model:Trzpro
-cc model:BurakTuna
-versions 1.26, 1.27 and 1.28x
-mod producer: buraktuna24


BurakTuna24, trzpro


18 thoughts on “Volkswagen CC Arteon v 2.0

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Hello BurakTuna24 , why did you use my audi a8 sound?
    I did not give permission

    1. BurakTuna24

      I did not need permission , What does it matter?

      1. PolishDriverTruck

        I will also edit your work without permission, best regards, there was no topic
        Sorry for my English google translator

        1. BurakTuna24

          I will do the same

          1. BurakTuna24

            You exaggerate just because I use the motor voice

        2. BurakTuna24

          You exaggerate just because I use the motor voice

  2. And I cannot understand, why there are more and mor f*****g Cars for a Truck-Simulation.
    And everytime the same Authors…. 🙁

    1. thomasbus31

      If you don’t like it, don’t download it… It’s a mod, some people (including me) like driving a car in ETS2. The fact that it’s a truck sim doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to drive a different vehicle in the game. Trucks use the same roads as cars, so why shouldn’t you drive a car in the game?

      If you don’t want to drive a car in ETS2, that’s just fine. Don’t download the mod then. Why would you be mad at people who drive a car in a truck game? It’s THEIR copy of the game, so they can do whatever they want to do with it, so if they wanna drive a car in their game, why not? I’ve seen some mods too where I thought why would you download it? But other people like that mod, so why should I complain about it…

  3. Airline to construct

  4. Septine560

    There is not enough brake. Could you improve it pls?

    1. BurakTuna24

      In v3 release

  5. build an aircraft please

  6. very bad sound car!

  7. 이제민


  8. hi nice mod but please add hookbar to get trailer with the car

  9. nice mod. please add hookbar

  10. There’s a bug with the speedometer, it doesn’t display the real speed. BTW great job, the mod is very nicely done

  11. Could you PLEASE REMAKE 1.30 ver and make clock MOVING??? PIZ

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