Volkswagen Crafter 2.5 TDI by Hussein Country


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-6 Different pieces Front Bumper
-2 Piece Rear Bumper
-1 Rear diffuser
-3 Side Step
-2 Rear Step
-2 Satellite
-1 Air conditioning
-1 Spoiler
Cheetahs roof of -1
-1 Swallow Antenna
-4 Piece Shutter
-6 Piece Wheels
-2 Piece Skirt
-1 Piece Wheel Coating
-2 Piece Rear Window Sticker
Interior Number -2

galerisinde satılmaktadır.Hüseyin Karadana,Hüseyin Ülken, Mert Kerem Belen


3 Responses to Volkswagen Crafter 2.5 TDI by Hussein Country

  1. Vader says:

    And why is all this?

  2. Acacio Lourenco says:

    This truck appear in all dealers, why? this is a mercedes dealer

  3. ComuTheWolf says:

    This car is bad, steering wheel? its 2d, why?
    Gps is in bad place, its good but its unreal.
    Interior on UK is robbed form Scout Multiplayer.
    On camera 5 textures are broken.
    Get lessons.

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