Volkswagen Passat B5 V2.2

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– updated to 1.34


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Azorax Modding, LeafeonGold


16 thoughts on “Volkswagen Passat B5 V2.2

  1. Sorry, but this Morning i´ve asking me, where I am. I thought, I will be on the wrong Website like NFS or something else.

    We cannot understand, why here are too much “Cars” for a Truck Simulation. That´s one of the Reason, we stopped anything publishing on our prefered Website to publish.

    Don´t take it the wrong way, but that´s our open Opinion. May be, a “Guest” or somebody else will post a senseless Spamreply, but we will ignore.
    Sensefull Critic should be a better way.
    Wish you a nice day and Success for your Mods.

    1. AzoraxModdingGaming

      i am not forcing you to download my mods if you dont like it just move past it simple as

      1. ramsupply

        I thought I had nothing to do in the mornings. that guy clearly has even less. unfortunately, I can’t take my own advice but comment on the mod or don’t. and maybe you should find something better to do with your mornings so you won’t be offended by the folks that want to enjoy the game in their own way and go out of their way to share with others. srry for the needless spam reply

        1. Everybody has the Liberty to pronounce his Opinion. We are now since many Years with ETS2 and we have never this Situation.

          Azorax, your Reply is in my Eyes senseless.

          “That’s why this site made ,,cars,, section are u dumb ?
          You can download a lot of trucks mods.. If we like the cars in the game what’s your problem ? If you don’t like don’t download.”

          What is this ? If you like Cars go to NFS or something else.
          This Site was made for ETS2, not for Cars…
          That´s also a Reason, why a Lot of good Modders stop to publish here and stopping Modding.
          Here are to much Nerds… LOL
          Every Reply to Guys like you is loosing Time. Forget it.

          I live in Germany, where we can say, what we have to say… 🙂
          And nothing more I do…
          If you don´t like, don´t read ist. LOL

          1. Andrei Boss

            Why you are so offended because some moders make cars ? These are not online mods to annoy you.

          2. AzoraxModdingGaming

            Joachim people can play their game how they want…. some people want to play with cars get over it

    2. Scooby123

      Nie zesraj się naziolu zajebany

    3. Andrei Boss

      That’s why this site made ,,cars,, section are u dumb ?
      You can download a lot of trucks mods.. If we like the cars in the game what’s your problem ? If you don’t like don’t download.

  2. Thank you.I really like this car. MP2003

  3. MgmediaGraphics

    aquí todo el mundo puede compartir coches…bus y camiones….es un juego de simulador de como en la vida real..en mi país no discriminan las persona que tienen ideas muy diferente a la diversión de un juego por lo cual quien es para opinar lo que hacemos y jugamos entendido amigo…..eso va por todo ustedes…gracias y buena carreras de autos….jajajajjaja

  4. MgmediaGraphics

    por cierto… hay muchos camionero que tambien tienen su coches. a parte del camión….. en su tiempo libre conducen sus coches y tambien se divertirse aún más con la familia…….

  5. MgmediaGraphics

    os dejo un video de camiones y gráficos para relajarse y pensar….

  6. Please add Passat B6 full Options ets version 1.34

  7. Hi, this car is great, I really like it!
    It would be great if you could make a way with a “Seat Toledo” or “Dacia Logan 2015”
    Good luck with the mods! I appreciate your work

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