Volkswagen Passat B6 Variant 1.9TDI 1.50x

ChangeLogo :

I Changed material interior
I changed engine sound
I improved the physics and engine
Max Speed : 205 KH

it coming next car ” Audi RS7 2023 ”


Gaza, Denis215


6 thoughts on “Volkswagen Passat B6 Variant 1.9TDI 1.50x

  1. When will the audi rs7 mode come

    1. It will never come bro, don’t keep your hopes high, he keeps uploading old model cars of recent, wonder why there’s been low reactions and comments on his recent mods, he should strive to build something extra ordinary and not some stone age mods. I don’t bother refreshing this page anymore cause I’ll end up seeing some 1955 cars by Gaza my friend 😂

      1. youve changed your attitude!!! why you annoyed at Gaza for making mods? you praised him up for so long 🤔 why do people get on here and think they can dictate what a modder does, and 1955??? hahaha what a over reaction, calm down hector, not all people have the same taste in cars

        1. It’s so annoying bruh, I’m not usually like this, besides criticism and public opinions makes one improve, hence the reason he uploads for the mods for general usage. I’m not dictating anything to him, I even get pissed at anyone who says trash about Gaza sometimes, check back at the mods he used to make from last 2 weeks ago and compare with the recent ones he’s uploaded of recent from the Peugeot 3008 and you’ll understand my bone of contention. The reason for my criticism is to make him improve significantly, Gaza is a good personality and I want him to be the best amongst all modders, he should build something never been done before, something special that even Nimmit will get jealous!

  2. I hope that the Camry 50/55 model will appear in the game

  3. De unde ai plăcuțele de înmatriculare,le vreau si eu

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