Volkswagen-Passat-B8-2017 1.48x


Updated to game version 1.48

– HQ Model
– HQ Salon
– Ao(Ambiyans Coating)
– Real Sound
– Cakar slots
– Phone option
– Siren Sound[N]
– 4 Different Bumpers
– 4 Different Blinds
– 2 Different Mirror Options
– 4 Different Cockpit Colors
– 2 Different Seat Covers
– 2 Different Ceiling Coverings
– 3 Different Wheels

Mert İrşi-Nimit


8 thoughts on “Volkswagen-Passat-B8-2017 1.48x

  1. Please Peugeot 301 HDI 2021

  2. I love this mod, but you have a 230 hp motor. In the last gear at maximum rpm, the speed of the car is 200 km/h. Seriously? Business sedan has a top speed of 200? I have a 130 hp minivan in real life. has the same top speed. Passat should go 240-250 km/h. Please correct. Also, you have yellow headlights on your bumper, in fact, the VW Passat has them, like the main light – a white light. Please add a window option with no window tinting. Your car is for gangsters with such tinted windows, and the game is not about crime. Last thing. Dashboard. You have a beautiful 3d model, but the dashboard is very bad. I tolerate all the shortcomings of fashion. I look forward to when you make it perfect. Thanks for the great mod!

  3. I think the dials should be normal dials, there should be the following option, 1.4 Tsi, 1.5Tsi, 1.6 TDI, 2.0 as engine options, and I think it would be perfect if there was a variant version of this car. There should be an option that says P A S S A T under the logo on the back, I think there should be headlight options that go 2023-2022-2021 in front, thank you very much if you read this comment and take it into consideration, I believe the mod will be even more beautiful if these happen.


    Mod gayet güzel beğendim ama 0 200 çok uzun sürüyor tabiri caizse 2 3 iş günü diyebilirim

  5. theres always one thing wrong with your mod

    there’s always something, they never improve or fix, game version locked, absolute s t u p i d, what’s the point of pointing these little things out???, they are always going to be flawed, don’t ask for you will never get improvements or fixes, they have been this way since the first time these mods showed up, nothing has changed, no passion modders

  6. Jalapeño boy

    Nimit, Please convert your Skoda Karoq 2018 to 1.48 please!

    1. theres always one thing wrong with your mod

      and that’s what Im saying, come 1.49, again everyone will have to wait months for these mo#ons to update their manifest file

      1. Jalapeño boy

        Bro im waiting too he’s not updated this mod from 1.41 bruh

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