Volkswagen Passat V1R70 (1.41)

Updated to 1.41

trzpro, BurakTuna24 , Hüseyin Ülken , Batuhan Narli, Krzysztof Dudzik


9 thoughts on “Volkswagen Passat V1R70 (1.41)

  1. bu modu yapan malaw

    bok gibi mk sakın indirmeyin zaman kaybı pişman olursunuz

    1. her zamanki gibi 🙂

  2. Andyromania

    Here’s a nice clip with this mod:

  3. What happens to the on-board computer screen? most likely the mat file parameters have not been updated

  4. were to buy?

  5. Brooooo! please can you make a chevrolet sonic for version 1.41!!!

    I would really appreciate it!!!!

  6. ets2fan4.8milkm

    a disappointing mod, I was expecting a clearly superior control of the car, being a fan of 2 of those who participated in creating the mode.

  7. HonestReviewer

    When you reach about 90 km/h the car starts shaking, unplayable

  8. Muhammet Vural

    1.42 ye gelsin lütfen

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