Volkswagen Polo GTI Mk5 2011 V4.1 1.43


– Updated to game version 1.43
– Minor edits and fixes
– Reconfigured sound
– Improved engine realism
– Improved transmission realism


Nimit, Metehan Bilal


9 thoughts on “Volkswagen Polo GTI Mk5 2011 V4.1 1.43

  1. Game crash when enter in interior in tuning shop
    error logs

    00:02:00.773 : [tobj] Sanitized ‘/material/ui/accessory/polo_mk5.tobj’ functionality – found 0xffffff88, expected 0x01.
    00:02:03.987 : [Vehicle accessory]: ‘fwd_low.polo_mk5.chassis’ /def/vehicle/truck/polo_mk5/chassis/fwd_low.sii $10000 lv0
    00:02:09.171 : [tobj] Sanitized ‘/material/ui/accessory/polo_mk5_int.tobj’ functionality – found 0xffffff88, expected 0x01.
    00:02:09.191 : [dx11] Failed to create texture (/material/environment/front_mirror_reflection.tobj) (0x80070057)

    1. Hi, it could be one of your other mod(s) conflicting with it or perhaps the mod file may be corrupt. Have you tried re-downloading it and check?

  2. Hi i dont have any other mods activated just this

  3. yusuf ayz

    does it work when you install it?

  4. yusuf ayz

    wrong mod please fix it please

  5. selamin Aleykum biraz farkli modlar gelsin mesela Lada 2106 araba, ve ya Toyota camry 2018,2014 ,Toyota prado direksiyon sol tarafda
    Nissan maxima 2000, mercedec C Seria 1998-2021 ve s. cogu modlarin hepisi 2 kapili birisinin beygiri az gostergiyi tamamlayamiyo birisi cok basik fren yapinca yogusa cikinca alti deyiyo araba taklaya geliyor secenekler olsun. Eyvallah cok iyi yapiyorsununuz modlari ancaq biraz farkli modlar olursa cok iyi olur

  6. Please update Cayenne mod.

  7. Yiyang Wu

    Hi, thank you so much for this mod and it’s pretty good(~ ̄▽ ̄)~
    But it’s possible that add indicator icon for turn signal and headlights on the dashboard. And the sound of the car it’s seem like a bit sharp, it possible fix it? (っ °Д °;)っ
    Thanks a lot ╰(*°▽°*)╯

  8. Very nice mod, but engine and horn sounds need improving. Also, there are problems with the dashboard – you cannot see blinkers or headlights and it flickers a lot.

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