Volkswagen Scirocco R 2010 Beta 1.31

YouTube preview

-Available at all Dealer
-Test in 1.31 version
-Exterior + Lightmask
-Interior + Decals

-1 Antenna
-2 Spoiler
-5 Exhaust
-2 Rear Diffuser
-1 Front Splitter
-7 Rim
-More Slots
Please do not edit, reupload, change link and respect my work, Thanks 🙂
Have fun!

Mustafa Kemal NUR (mstkmlnr)


6 thoughts on “Volkswagen Scirocco R 2010 Beta 1.31

  1. Lucasdriver70

    Great Mod !

  2. UltraGeo2000

    Great mod, but the gear ratios need rework…i have some ratios that will make the auto trans useful…If you want some advice, reply here 🙂

  3. In-cre-di-ble mod !! I can’t believe you reupload it and “maxed” it ! You’re so cool !

    Suggestion : Renault Twingo (second generation) with 1.2 “75hp”, 1.6 “RS 133hp” and 1.5dCi “85hp” please.

  4. please Ford Fiest ST 2015 for ETS 1.30

  5. its work in ETS 1.30 Vetion or ATS1.31???

  6. 1.39 plsss

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