Volkswagen Touareg 7P V2 1.43


– Updated to game version 1.43
– Major edits and fixes
– Improved engine realism
– Improved transmission realism
– Rims are now paintable
– New TDI sound (Feedback on sound would be highly appreciated)


Nimit, Mert İrşi

Dear trzpro read this carefully if you do so:

I have been observing since the past few weeks, that how you have been spamming 10s of car mods over and over with excuses such as “Fixed Broken Link” or whatsoever with absolutely no significant changes in them. Such unprofessionalism and being a nuisance to other modders is quite unacceptable. This site is for everyone to publish their modifications. You are spamming one mod, tens of times in order to make sure that our mods are overlapped in previous pages so that most users won’t be able to see them.

Take this as a warning and stop doing it. Nobody likes it except you. Not even the users that download and use car mods.


26 thoughts on “Volkswagen Touareg 7P V2 1.43

    1. That’s a 7L and not 7P, bruh.

  1. Great mod, only thing is that Its a little overscaled, otherwise everything is Perfect

  2. This is certainly one of the best mods has been posted in the last few weeks, only having very few things to improve. The problem is that many mods have a good basic, but they don’t mind to work on the details like sound, transmission, rev counter and so on. And I am someone that appreciate if someone gives attention to make it as realistic as possible. I really like the sound and the work you put on to the small but also essential things to me: If there are improvements: Like mentioned above it’s slightly overscaled. Also the speedometer is not accurate.

    Maybe you could add a display with fuel consumption, current speed and so on, animations to open the window and change steering wheel height. This would make your already very good mod to a perfect mod. Keep up your work.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! What you have mentioned would be present although in the newer model of Touareg because making new animations and a UI would be a tremendous task in old mods that are now updated to 1.43.

      1. Oh I get you, but really appreciate your work.

  3. Nice mod is this a new mod. coz I don’t remember if it was in older versions. But good atleast someone has made new mod rather than converting from old versions to new

  4. truck fan

    please make a new download link as my anti virus says the current one contains virus’s

    1. Hi, what’s your discord / email? I will send you it personally as I have switched to ModsFire permanently for now.


    bu modları modsfire den yayınlamayın indiremiyorum share mods daha iyi

  6. Hello, could i have your discord?

    1. Nimit#0007

      1. Thx man i’ve send you a friend request, Definetly#7282

      2. Thx man i’ve send you a friend request, Definetly#7282

  7. Really good mod, just the speedometer needs to be corrected. Really like when someone puts work into the details of a car to make it as realistic as possible. Do u plan to add some additional tuning or features like a display to make it from very good to perfect?

  8. It’s a very nice mod. It feels refreshing to have a modder like you than the one that copy and paste from one mod to the others without modifying it properly (I’m looking at you trzpro).

    It sounds nice. I was expecting it to have a V8 sound though since the badge and the engine info told me but it’s still a great start. Hope it can be improved upon.

    The car is kinda big and when turning on corners at high speed, it sometimes loses control and flips (I dunno if its supposed to be like that), but it’s still great. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  9. Good mod, as someone mentioned speedometer issue, but still very well done.

  10. the site blocked me from giving feedback, I don’t know why

  11. I’m going to give you some specific feedback and I hope it in no way offends you or understands that it’s to denigrate your mod.
    Sound: I really liked the modification, I could easily spend hours and hours playing and listening without it being a problem. But at high rpm (above 3k) the sound starts to stutter before looping again.
    3D: Fakeshadow is missing, especially at night.
    The headlight mapping has a small problem, where the DRL is like an arrow (I don’t know how it would be in English, but it would be the flashing light) and where it would be the correct one, it’s without texture and just chrome.
    Wheels with the inner side are invisible (something simple, but it can make a difference). Optional plates would also be a good idea.
    DEF: The car is easily overturned (it looks like a hilux) it may be that the “residual travel” is too low or the car with “kerb weight” is also too low which makes the car lighter and unstable by ETS physics
    At high speeds the car starts to become very unstable, this is easily solved by increasing the values ​​of “roll resistance” and “wet grip:” in “ftire” and “rtire”
    In addition, it is an excellent mod, I really enjoyed using it. I would make some personal changes that I usually do in all mods
    Leave the tank liter as it really is and adjust the “consumption coef” to be as similar. And I would also lower the “rpm range low gear:” for it to shift gears at lower rpm.
    Again I hope you don’t get offended, and look at this feedback with good eyes, you’re really good at this, I like pretty much all your mods. Hugs

    1. Thanks, for the feedback! will be greatly considered.

      1. Mod Modi Mod Moddus Moddingusso

        Can you make Volvo XC 90 2017?

    2. Basically every ETS2 mod gets unstable at high speeds. But I would recommend downloading an improved physics mod from workshop.

  12. I have good car physics, but making the changes to rtire and ftire already solves it completely, I usually just add a 0 at the end of the number before the dot and that’sI have good car physics, but making the changes to rtire and ftire already solves it completely, I usually just add a 0 at the end of the number before the dot and that’s it. it.

  13. armwrestling.wrld

    I just read comments about that the car flips or is not good at high speed handling: I couldnt find these negative aspects while driving with my key board and I drove over 200km/h and made fast turns in the city.
    The sound is amazing! 😀

  14. armwrestling.wrld

    I really love this mod! There are a lot of car mods for ets2 but often they only look good but drive horrible (sound, handling, revs and so on). On this touareg mod you can see the love to the detail and driving with this touareg mod is real fun! The engine is realistic like the 340hp touareg v8 and sounds great. Also the interior is beautiful and perfect. Please keep up doing so good work 🙂 Love to the detail is here 100%
    No flips of the car when taking a turn or uncontrolable when reaching over the 200km/h. TOP MOD!

  15. Altair (アルタイル)

    Nice mod as always, and I got to say that you were able to notice the continuous spamming of “trzpro”, which is totally annoying for me when looking for a car mod that is worth it but all the time as you mentioned he will spam everything so other properly working car mods are overlapped. I stopped using his car mods when I noticed that a couple of months ago when first or second pages always shows his mods.

    The only time I will download a car mod if doing with convoy and friends or doing role play.

    If I may ask will you be able to update the old “Chevrolet Tahoe 2007” mod that you’ve made long before to the current version?

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