Volkswagen Voyage Turbo + Trailer – ETS2 1.40

Volkswagen Voyage Turbo + Trailer by Quality3D Mods

This Is Not Like Other Car Mods
This car mod have smooth driving
Realistic interior and exterior
Quality Sound
Realistic Design
and Modifications

Quality3D Mods


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17 thoughts on “Volkswagen Voyage Turbo + Trailer – ETS2 1.40

  1. The mod is working perfectly, but when you are on first person it’s little laggy 😀

  2. Veryy very nicee brooooo please make other car

  3. make bmw g20 plsss

  4. Hello, do you prepare your own trailer? Is the trailer in the image also in the MOD?

  5. golf 6 plsss

  6. CanadianMaps

    me: r u sur bout dat

  7. jayontheway228

    Обзор мода

  8. Kubson4444

    can you make a honda civic ef? pls pls pls pls

  9. Chevrolet Astra Sedan CD 2002 Please!

  10. LuisMis Gaming

    Can you make a Citroën c6 2.7 hdi 2006??

  11. None of the indicators work.

  12. Very good rom. The hand idea is awesome. Keep it updated great job! The wipers doesnt work also.

  13. squirrel

    wipers don’t work, windows dont go up or down, gauges don’t work,

  14. LowRider333

    Très bon MOD,
    Manque la remorque, les essuie glasses et les compteurs fonctionnent uniquement avec l’intérieur sans le personnage.
    A part ca, le MOD est de qualité.

  15. Iloveurcar

    Bro your car are insanely cool, realistic, and has a sund effect,and the cool is you have your very own hand on steering wheel, i very like it and i apreciated it. I recomend you to make more car, it will be very cool,and insane, thank you for creating this mod 🙂 .

  16. Please do make another car mod! This one is amazing, I spent almost 10 hours just driving around in this car. Other car mods are nowhere near the quality of this mod! Most of car mods don’t go that fast and if they do, they start to shake in corners or just on straight roads while going 170km/h+ Truly one of best car mods out there!

  17. Can you make please a Rolls Royce Phantom , Cullinan , Ghost , Wraith , Dawn , Black Badge ?

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