Volvo 2012 – BDF tandem cistern + universal API petroli

Volvo-2012-BDF-tandem-cistern +universal-API-petroli

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Tested version 1.9.22

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Flemming Vinge, SCS and Blender (50keda’s Blender)
Author Skin: Zoso


8 thoughts on “Volvo 2012 – BDF tandem cistern + universal API petroli

  1. Rubberduck

    Wieso macht ihr immer 3Achser Anhänger die gibts nicht. So wird der Mod verfälscht. Schade darum.

  2. no problem for me, mod even works with all scania
    im using it on my streamline! v1.9.22
    ty for sharing this mod i love it


      here is picture of this mod with scania streamline just the cabin is not the smae but i made same colors on it

    1. Grazie per il video,alla prossima mod tandem bdf

      ciao ciao

  3. is works 1.10+ game version

  4. Also work on 1.14.xx, but only truck, no cargo….

  5. As soon as I have some time I convert mod v.24.0 for ETS2 v.1.14.2

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