Volvo 2012 Interior FIX


If you use Volvo 2012 interior and there are missing materials
after patch 1.20 then could help this fix. The mod is open so
you can copy the files in the automat folder of your truck or
interior mod.

I hope I could help some đŸ˜‰

SCS, Navix


5 Responses to Volvo 2012 Interior FIX

  1. TaiwanOCZ says:

    I using “Volvo FH 2012 v 18.8r by Pendragon” and ur “Volvo 2012 Interior FIX”still missing
    00:00:34.361 : [fs] Failed to open file “/automat/0d/7a66fce5250d74b81e166ad3764965263fb66c.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:00:34.361 : [material] Can not open ‘/automat/0d/7a66fce5250d74b81e166ad3764965263fb66c.mat’
    00:00:35.032 : [fs] Failed to open file “/automat/64/9d9cf329b76b4a53b6b24d08c05a21ba7d3da3.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:00:35.032 : [material] Can not open ‘/automat/64/9d9cf329b76b4a53b6b24d08c05a21ba7d3da3.mat’

  2. Redneck50 says:

    I tried that and it still doesn’t work.

    • Navix says:

      Sorry. Every mod is built differently, but many had helped this small fix.

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