Volvo 2012 Roofgrill and Light sign


That mod will make your trucks more beautifully.
+ bonus tuning lights for all trucks.

Flemming Vinge


11 thoughts on “Volvo 2012 Roofgrill and Light sign

  1. Winrar says the file is corrupt! Please re-upload it!

  2. It looks like the accessory file is corrupt.

  3. mark225scania

    guys it doesn’t matter just use the other one and use ackcesorie de tuning. 🙂

    1. which is from…. where sun is not shine.. conflict example 50K mods..

      1. dejas y a pas de conflit !!!!!!! c’est la décompression qui refuse

  4. My opinion is that is overkill with lights

    1. For your kind there are alternatives, I don’t get why people comment that they don’t find a mod useful or to their taste, the only mods I comment bad on are those that take away from the experience of new players to earn their own garage and trucks with some strategy or when a mod is a good idea but doesn’t work, crashes the game etc…

      Here it works, but it’s a matter of taste, so don’t use it.

      1. Brian Earl Spilner

        So you “comment bad” on a mod “that take away from the experience of new players to earn their own garage and trucks with some strategy”.

        That is you expressing your opinion. And you criticize someone for doing the same (expressing their opinion).

        Pot, meet Kettle.

        1. It wasn’t a ‘bad comment’ from me. Not that I ment othervice.

  5. Can the one who made it make a new one for the extra’s? My computer doesn’t accept it -_-

  6. Captain Awesome

    Hey, Is it possible to remove just the lightbox/lightsign? I want all those red dot’s.. they are perfect, but that box just ruin the truck :/ plz help anyone?

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