Volvo Bus G7


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Tested 1.12.1 version



15 thoughts on “Volvo Bus G7

  1. UnableRogue

    Can anyone please make a bus with a UK interior?

      1. Why.

  2. kentrucks

    hey can you make athor
    skins for it pleas allso with polar indstries ltd

  3. still says scania on the side

  4. MigaraMadawa

    Please Creat a 2500hp Engine And 21 speed transmissions For This Mod

  5. How to drive a bus

  6. Donky Kong

    Does it have passengers for it or is it just for driving around with no money making?

  7. How to pass the tolls?

  8. Hey there, how can I mod a bus? What do you need to make a bus mod of my own

  9. wirdokhatzu

    did i can make this bus with other skin. if yes ill try to make skin for this bus . thanks 🙂

  10. ForAllTheBilly

    Can make for 1.16 ?

  11. Yannick54

    Quel est le mot de passe ?

  12. how can i download crack + key for ets2

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