Volvo Dalafrakt Combo

Volvo Dalafrakt combo,
lightbox included,
trailer included,
respect my work, if share keep the original link,
follow my fb page for more awesome skin :



5 thoughts on “Volvo Dalafrakt Combo

  1. When you load the mods of other authors you should add the credits
    Why do not you do it?
    Do you think you are very smart?

    For friends: no updated file for v.1.27

    1. DavyBerto

      Sorry?? I’ve made it by myself, what are you takling about?

      1. Ok i tell you what i’m saying, i have no problem
        1 You demand respect for your work and it is right
        2 but you also have to respect the work of other authors (what do you think)
        3 Are you the original trailer author? No (ets2studio-TZ express-MDModding)
        Are you the original Lightbox author? No (if I do not remember badly, Malcom37)
        5 for these reasons the Modders disappear
        6 I never said that the skins are not yours, I’ve stolen
        I salute you

        1. Davyberto

          Ok you are eight, I always give the credits if I use other people mods, for the trailer I thought there was no reason to give the credits because it’s a trailer you find in ets2 Studio and I saw a lot of people use that trailer without giving the credits so I made the same… My error sorry
          And for the lightbox a friend has set it to me, I haven’t gived the credit because I don’t know who is the author, My intention wasn’t to stole other mod… Trust me. I’ve made an error sorry.
          Have a good day ?

          1. But there is no need to excuse you, do not worry, there is no problem
            It is true that many presumptuous and incorrect people do not use credits
            The modders do not ask for anything but if they even see their name they are happy
            And will continue to create mod for us.
            This is my thoughts, and maybe one day you will also think the same.
            However you are free to do what you like
            CiaoZ and good day

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