Volvo Danish Showtruck v 1.1 Fixed


– Better support how reskinnt the Sidekirts and other
– Bug where you can repair the truck only at 50-60% (price was since about 1700 €)
– 4×2 Panelrifle fixed

Authors: Moders Team Poland, AU44, Basti73, Kielu, EdekLS, InterTIR32, Konradoss16, TheMrKarolus, Gracek23, Ghost, Kru129, scenerio, Kuba141, Skiba, showman, dbülow, Dennis Bülow Pedersen, Punisher, The Punisher 3D Productions, Geoffroy, Peerke145, By Manu.Be98


7 thoughts on “Volvo Danish Showtruck v 1.1 Fixed

  1. By Manu.Be98

    You need the v1.1 simply overwrite the 3 older scs.!!

    Has he somehow what brought in the description of each: (!!Only in Germany!!(sorry for that))

  2. Doesn’t work in my game when i want to buy it online my game falls out whem i’m trying to visit the volvo store 🙁

  3. Doesn’t work for me when i want to buy it in my online store my game falls out don’t know what’s wrong 🙁

  4. sorry for double message 😛

  5. townterrier

    mine does the same…i go either to dealers or online and game crashes….uncheck mod can use dealers….any fix for this plse

  6. By Manu.Be98

    So I bought the truck in the dealer and had no problems.

  7. townterrier

    here is how i solved the issue and can now drive this truck…….
    1: disable mod in profile…..
    2: buy a volvo fh2012 in dealership and put in an empty garage space
    3: save game
    4: enable mod in profile
    5: go to truck manager and select the volvo fh2012 u bought
    6: upgrade via the truck manager
    7: save game
    8: go to truck manager and select volvo and select drive this truck
    9: enjoy driving this truck as i did…..
    it is a pain this way but at least i got it to work and can now drive this in game
    thx to all authors in the credits and also to MANU.BE98 for his help on facebook

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