VOLVO F Series [F12 – F16]


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after a long time finally i made VOLVO F12 – F16


-Standalone Truck Dealer
-HQ Model
-AO Texture
-6 Cabin
-4 Chassis
-2 Interior
-Factory Skin
-Orginal Sound
-A lot of Options And Addons
-Interior Accessory DLC Ready!
-Mod Manager Ready!
-Clear log
-No Crash
-No FPS Drop
-Animated steering wheel [1.25.1]

This mod is only worked on 1.25.1s and next

Thanks a lot

Have a happy travel! 🙂

Mahyar.Gh – MR.Reza – SHOOFER –


61 Responses to VOLVO F Series [F12 – F16]

  1. ETS2 MAN says:

    Test video please

    • TSMTeam says:

      HD Test Video v1.25:

  2. scaniavabis93 says:

    it say no file

  3. lubas says:

    can not download !!!

  4. Diablo says:

    Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  5. Timoha says:

    *No file*

  6. Dan says:

    I don`t know about you guys,but for me the dl link works perfectly
    And the truck is absolutely perfect,works flawlessly,only drawback is that the engines are not too powerful,but that can be fixed,right? 🙂

  7. matpol98 says:

    Download works fine for me

  8. Poppey says:

    no file ! ! !

  9. pilotchaos31 says:

    Nice mod i wait this truck for a moment c:

  10. pilotchaos31 says:

    NO FILE :C

  11. Przemek82W says:

    Disable Adblock on 😉

  12. pilotchaos31 says:



  13. arthur vince says:

    Give us an alternative link to download please

  14. Diablo says:

    link works properly on some browsers but the problem is check on another browser

  15. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  16. romain hermange says:

    no files

  17. lubas says:

    Too bad that does not insert his number plates or license plates … it is only Iran …

    • javadmo says:

      Not Problem , it is an iranian mod
      however you have russian mods such as kraz255

  18. Albert96rus says:

    Test Video:

  19. Borsuk says:

    Przemek82W Ty tu :E?

    • Przemek82W says:

      Yep 🙂 Na Polskich forach przestałem się udzielać od 3 miesięcy, teraz czasem wpadnę tutaj albo na forum SCS po mody (aktualizacje ich) i tyle.

  20. matpol98 says:

    One of if not THE best volvo mod I’ve seen in a while. Great texture quality, great sounds, some nice tuning, some small things here and there, as always on mods. But its a great mod, good work!

  21. Knutschboje says:

    Mahyar.Gh – MR.Reza – SHOOFER –

    Thanks for that

    But who is my blond Girl 😛

    fix it….smile

  22. Paul says:

    No Interior sound?? Not sure why. Could have been the download, as it is screwed up.

    • Paul says:

      Edit: All Good, Mod conflict. Fantastic little truck. Thanks for charring.

  23. CiceeX6 says:

    Dude, no file! Please fix or post other download link. Thank’s.

  24. Handy says:

    no file

  25. PROBOY29 says:

    no file 🙁

  26. Volvo says:

    thx super volvo

  27. ramtin majidi says:

    wooow I suggest you download ‘re really great.

  28. Jelcz says:

    Download works on Internet Explorer

  29. GMG says:

    Wow,another great mod!!!Tank You Guys!!!Great Work!!!

  30. doexpectnothing says:

    That’s an amazing mod, Dude! Since i play ETS i would like to have a proper Volvo F-Series Mod and that’s more than that. the sound… it’s awesome!
    Thank you!

  31. Ghostrider2800 says:

    I dont knows whats the problem guys but the download works perfectly.

    Thanks again Shoofer for a great mod!!!

    • Ghostrider2800 says:

      Hi Shoofer,
      These are the correct engine stats:

      F12 385: 1600nm @ 1300rpm
      F16 465: 2015nm @ 1300rpm

      Your engines are too strong again ;P

      • Rick says:

        im happy the engines have a bit more torque to be honest. else hillclimbing is a hell :/ 😀

        • Ghostrider2800 says:

          Honestly iam not happy. Iam tired to drive powertrucks because there is no challenge anymore. No matter if you go uphill or downhill your speedo stays at 90 kph. Thats pretty borring. Thats way i buy alway weak or max. middle class engines in mods or vanila game trucks.

      • shoofer says:

        Thanks dude,thanke?

  32. Doktor_Psix says:

    Обзор на русском!

  33. richard1971 says:

    finally, a f series with the original factory paintjob, i’ve been waiting for this a long time!
    Now i can play with the 2 original trucks from te German t.v.series “auf achse” thank you!

  34. محمد480 says:


  35. gilas says:

    what wheels are at the front in the third image?

  36. callum says:

    Maybe only person with this but I seem to have a f12 385 engine with 21600nm surely I can get to move earth with that. Known fault or something on my end.

  37. Navcom says:

    Why this truck in not maded for game version 1.24.x.x?

  38. toni says:

    Really nice truck, but gearbox does not have crawler at all

  39. toni says:

    how to make skins work with this?

  40. nick says:


  41. Random says:

    This is a great truck! There are two things I’d like to see though: Regular license plates as an accessory and support for SiSL Mega Pack.

  42. Ashwin says:

    is this working with 1.26?

  43. Dompearson says:

    how do i skin the headboard? where it says globetrotter

  44. Jesus says:

    I’ve unpacked the Volvo F12.scs file, than I’ve edit the transmission file, and finally I have repacked the file in .scs (“stored” compression). Why does the truck don’t work?

  45. Franz Meersdonk says:

    Works perfect with latest 1.27.xx and can easily take new heavy cargo too, even without “big box”. One of my new favourite trucks 🙂

  46. ehbora says:

    How can we close the glass reflections

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