Volvo F Series Sound

A new sound mod for the Volvo F Series by Lucasi and the Volvo F10-F12 by mjtemdark.

This sound mod includes an all in one pack of sounds of two versions. One with Turbospool, and one without Turbospool. It also has its own effect sounds (gear change and air brake) includes as an all in one mod packed into one file.

The Sound mod also fixes the non working air horns for both trucks. Now any air horn you choose on both trucks, it will work.

When it comes to using this sound mod with the Volvo F Series by Lucasi, the sound mod is adapted to the engines and transmissions pack by Trucker520 and also the F10 series badge and engine addon by doexpectnothing. So when using this sound mod with the Volvo F Series by Lucasi make sure you dont load the above mentioned engine and transmission pack and addons because theyre included in the sound mod.

Japheth Rasta.Jr, Kriechbaum, SCS.


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3 thoughts on “Volvo F Series Sound

  1. Mahyar.Gh

    Volvo F Series Not By Lucasi. its For me and converted to new version by lucasi.

    Please Edit Sir

  2. звуки не очень , лучше бы сделали те которые были в 1.35-1.36 на Volvo F Series от Lucasi

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