Volvo F10-F12(1.38.x) edit mjtemdark

Volvo F10-F12(1977-1987)
-Low cab and Globetrotter
-4×2,6×2 short[midlift,taglift, taglift single], 6×2 long(taglift taglift single), 6×4 short and long, 8×4 oversize.
-Independent Interiors
-Various Accessories
-Independent Sound
-Change sound to first original sound
-Fix other sounds (horn, spoiler horn, interior blinkers, wipers)
-Normalize size of open pipes, fix tower position
-Add superior aditional horns
-Change interior button animation (ebrake)
-Fix fender variant

-Not work in previous versions
-Contain DLC toys and DLC flags activation mods
-Contain skins templates
-If you want a better open pipe sound you can use the volvo F series sound by Rasta J., this latest version is compatible, you can overwrite defs.

Stas556,Chris, Gandorin,Mjtemdark, Ventyres

DOWNLOAD 48 MB [mirror]

8 thoughts on “Volvo F10-F12(1.38.x) edit mjtemdark

  1. foggyred1

    no colours the truck is only black

    1. mjtemdark

      What are you saying kid?

  2. works perfect .
    skins and toys.

    maybe you have a mod conflict.

    1. HardGames323

      Alrighty, thanks

  3. Daniel Beer

    Wrong video this is not the truck mod

    1. mjtemdark

      Yes the youtuber “Diehard Trucker” confused it with other truck

  4. Copery Verdelimon C.T.V.L.R

    VIDEO TEST ETS2 MODS 2020 – Copery TV [GreenLime]

  5. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – VOLVO F10-F12 Nostalji Mod [1.38]

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