Volvo F12 Skins Pack ‘2’ v 1.0

Seven more UK retro skins for the Volvo F12 model by Mahyar.Gh
**You will need this mod below for the skins to work**:

“Volvo F Series”

The above model and skin pack I have working together with the following with no problems:
ETS2 1.28
All map DLC
Promods 2.20

For the wonderful Volvo F12 – Mahyar.Gh – MR.Reza – SHOOFER –
Original Skins – myself – finbar367davyrabbit



9 thoughts on “Volvo F12 Skins Pack ‘2’ v 1.0

  1. Your skins are amazing.

  2. OH, MY ! Thx man.This is the true history ! I hope for more.

  3. maverick.BC

    Awesome, thanks a lot!

  4. wat the password

    1. finbar367davyrabbit

      No password required, try again licinio.

    2. TheGreenlightTrucker

      Volvo F Series

  5. Hey nice pack!! Could you please tell me where could I find an accurate template for this truck?
    I found only one result but I don’t know if it’s accurate.. From 2016..
    This is one of my favorite trucks to drive of all times!

    1. finbar367davyrabbit

      Hello Steve, I’m using the PNG templates that came with the truck download from Mahyar.Gh (above). They are 2048×2048 however if you resize them to 4096×4096, your repaints will be far better resolution. (I’m using Photoshop 6 for the repainting work). Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for the reply and the help, I’ll try it.
        And thanks for the tip!

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