Volvo FH 16 750 Dutch 6


Freddy Jimmink


5 thoughts on “Volvo FH 16 750 Dutch 6

  1. djim kolli

    hi freddy, could u tell me what skins are included?


  2. Freddy Jimmink

    See the screen mate;

    But there are:

    van Sambeek made by Jalihaag
    Leverink Rijssen by Freddy Jimmink
    VAEX by Freddy Jimmink
    Bouwheer by Jalihaag and Freddy Jimmink
    Beach Baby by Freddy Jimmink
    Volvo Promotion Truck by Jalihaag and Freddy Jimmink

    The mod also includes a new interior an grill/engine mod by ?? But all credits to the maker


  3. Don t work!!!

  4. Freddy Jimmink

    Must be working, did You make it know in Your profile?

  5. It does work.

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