Volvo FH 2009 Scattered Croatian Flag


Another skin from Scattered Croatian Flag skin pack.
More details about skin pack you should find at Authors Facebook page.

Marko Idzan


3 Responses to Volvo FH 2009 Scattered Croatian Flag

  1. Nenad says:

    Napokon 🙂 Finaly
    Hoće li biti i za ostale kamione uskoro?

    • midzan21 says:

      Yes Nenad I’m working on it 😉 Da biti ce, do sad je napravljeno jos za Scaniu R Series i Streamline ali necu pustati javno to, dok ne slozim AIO pack 😉

  2. Nenad says:

    superiška 🙂 jer baš i vozim Scaniu Streamline,čini mi se da će na svjetlijim bojama više doći do izražaja
    thanx a lot man 😉 hvala

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