Volvo FH 2012 8×4/10×4 Ulfers V5


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Volvo FH 2012 10×4 und 8×4 Ulferts ETS2 1.22.xx
Version 5.0
what is new on V5.0
– 1.22.x.x + DLC Cabin Accessorsies ready
– Front grill paint over engine
– New Kelsa Highboard

what is new on V4.3
– Collison is fixed
– Shadow is fixed
– Attacher moved backward, saddle plate also
– Backlights on two Agregat ( 4 and 5 )
– Highpipe on one Agregat
– 10×4 chassis
– 8×4 and 10×4 with liftaxis
– scs open, pmg open
– Wheelcover higher
– Two options of add convoi shields
– Mod_description UTF-8 fixed
– Reversel light fixed on Agregat
– Accessory pic fixed on convoi-shield
– Ext interior fixed

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Author: Roadhunter


5 Responses to Volvo FH 2012 8×4/10×4 Ulfers V5

  1. WolfGuy100 says:

    Thank you for this mod. Not only it is a great mod, but it actually fixed the issue I had for a while…since the 1.22 update, whenever I start the engine, game would just crash without errors or warnings code. When I installed this mod, it actually fixed my issue! I am happy to drive my new Volvo FH again!

  2. tsubasawolfy says:

    Some paintings lead to game crush. Can it be fixed in the future or should be avoided to use these paintings?

  3. titanium87 says:

    10×4 tandem not showing up when i go to volvo, but 8×4 does…how do i fix this??

  4. m4d says:

    In dealer volvo I can’t see your chassis, chassis still default from ets2.
    I only use your mod, my version ets…, is something wrong?

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