Volvo FH 2012 8×4/10×4 Ulfers V5


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Volvo FH 2012 10×4 und 8×4 Ulferts ETS2 1.22.xx
Version 5.0
what is new on V5.0
– 1.22.x.x + DLC Cabin Accessorsies ready
– Front grill paint over engine
– New Kelsa Highboard

what is new on V4.3
– Collison is fixed
– Shadow is fixed
– Attacher moved backward, saddle plate also
– Backlights on two Agregat ( 4 and 5 )
– Highpipe on one Agregat
– 10×4 chassis
– 8×4 and 10×4 with liftaxis
– scs open, pmg open
– Wheelcover higher
– Two options of add convoi shields
– Mod_description UTF-8 fixed
– Reversel light fixed on Agregat
– Accessory pic fixed on convoi-shield
– Ext interior fixed

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Author: Roadhunter


5 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2012 8×4/10×4 Ulfers V5

  1. WolfGuy100

    Thank you for this mod. Not only it is a great mod, but it actually fixed the issue I had for a while…since the 1.22 update, whenever I start the engine, game would just crash without errors or warnings code. When I installed this mod, it actually fixed my issue! I am happy to drive my new Volvo FH again!

  2. tsubasawolfy

    Some paintings lead to game crush. Can it be fixed in the future or should be avoided to use these paintings?

  3. titanium87

    10×4 tandem not showing up when i go to volvo, but 8×4 does…how do i fix this??

  4. In dealer volvo I can’t see your chassis, chassis still default from ets2.
    I only use your mod, my version ets…, is something wrong?

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