Volvo FH 2012 US Flag Skin

Volvo-FH-2012-US-Flag-Skin-1 Volvo-FH-2012-US-Flag-Skin-2

US Flag Skin for Volvo FH 2012 Truck

Author: James Turner


13 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2012 US Flag Skin

  1. Hi james not sure if you have noticed but that flag is the union jack ie its UK not US flag.

    1. mistake wrong mod trying to upload right mod

  2. Quote:”US Flag Skin”


  3. This is a Union Jack!

  4. Esta vida loca

    I regret, I won’t take your illusions -> UK flag.

  5. Esta vida loca

    I agree with Adsumus.

  6. JasBounds

    Not wanting to sound pedantic, but it’s actually called the “Union Flag”, and not the “Union Jack”, but I would like all the British truckers to think about what will become of our beloved Union Flag if the Scot’s do get their independence later this year, I just can’t imagine the flag with no blue in it? it will just look like a generic Scandanavian flag, nothing wrong with that at all, but what will come of the British Identity 🙁

  7. Delta_880

    The Union Jack to be exact

  8. I post with Volvo FH 2013 Uk Flag Skin and put in a description I apologise for the title I am trying to contact admin on this page thank you James Turner

  9. read my Comment

  10. I’m From Inverness Scotland and actually its the Union Flag
    It’s only the Union Jack when its flown from a Commissioned Royal Navy Ship

  11. I have reposted mod with correct Details please enjoy PS Wolf I grow up in Scotland in Fort William we have probley passed each other in the pass

  12. I Grow up in Scotland Fort William

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