Volvo FH 2013 Gearboxes v 1.1


This mod MUST HAVE HIGHER PRIORITY(Higher on Active Mod list) than Ohaha’s truck mod.

Mod manager compatible
– Added or changed specs on Euro 6 engines:
– D13K: 420,460,500,540HP versions
– D16K: 550,650,750HP versions
– D16K added 2800Nm version of 550HP engine.
– Added SPO2812 Dual clutch 12 Speed auto to D13C,D13K 460,500,540HP engines.

Author: Snoman


One Response to Volvo FH 2013 Gearboxes v 1.1

  1. Dr. Lego says:

    Hi, I installed this mod, activated it in the mod manager (it’s currently the only one mod), but can’t see any new gearbox et cetera in the game… Can anyone help me??? THANKS!!!!!!

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