Volvo FH 2013 Interior Light


Available in colors:
– Blue
– Green
– Light Blue
– Orange
– Red
– White
– Yellow

Authors: SCS weich, Alang7


13 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2013 Interior Light

  1. Link won’t OPEN 😡

  2. Thank you.
    Can you also make an interior light for the 50k?


    How to turn on ?

  4. This is so great mate! Thanks!
    But how can I change it from the beacon light, to turn on with the driving light?

  5. thedadmen

    This mod is #### because when I load this file sow big hole on glass.

  6. doesnt work. 🙁 why?

    1. BlackStorm17

      How to change between colors? Only red color works:((

  7. please how it works.

    1. push O for beacon then interior light will go on

  8. does not work at all! 🙁

  9. Mod does work.
    Make sure light visibility range is NOT disabled in your graphics options.
    To toggle on and off, use the beacon switch like Ringo said.
    This only works with stock cabs. A cab from the MegaStore mod will not work with this mod.

  10. DanCoreRS

    wow schönes licht und es bleibt an wunderbar.. kann man das auch für denn scania machen???

  11. Daniel K.

    work this mod, improvements, light a little stronger, and colors in .scs ! 😉

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