Volvo FH 2022 v1.1.4

– Globetrotter cab in two versions (with and without side windows)
– 9 chassis models (2 types of 4×2, 6 types of various 6x, 8×4)
– 4 standard interior styles with a variety of finishes and configurations. A total of 16 interior variants
– 6 types of seats
– The entire range of Euro 6 and TC engines and corresponding transmissions with real sounds
– 4 types of AdBlue tanks, 14 types of mirrors, 21 types of side skirts, 22 types of front grille, 40 types of fuel tanks and a large number and variety of other accessories to choose from
– A completely new high-resolution, fully digital dashboard with support for fading digits, ambient light and other features
– Realistic main screen with various screens
– Additional corner blind spot camera (experimental mode)
– Functioning blind spot sensors
– High-quality detailed hubs, nuts, covers, Alcoa discs in the range, as well as a range of Michelins tyres in all standard sizes etc…

Version 1.1.4:
– Improving the dashboard
– Adjusted economy zone and red zone
– RPM needle accuracy has been corrected according to telemetry data



4 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2022 v1.1.4

  1. Have you included UK cabs yet?. Only in previous versions there was no UK cab.

  2. Not sure if this is actually Sanaxs upload but that am waiting for a RHD version too. Quality mods from Dotec and the mp5 have them and it’s a shame this one doesn’t.

    1. well then we’ll wait for your interior addon , sl …where is it?

  3. Make chassis 10×4 thank

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