Volvo FH Series Sound Mod


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This sound works for the two stock
volvo FH 2012 and 2013 BY SCS
Volvo FH & FH16 2012 Reworked by Eugene
and some volvo mods

Tested 1.25 and maybe work on 1.24 and older

Dont Reupload Tnx



8 Responses to Volvo FH Series Sound Mod

  1. javadmo says:

    Nice sound
    to any driver ,
    this is original sound of volvo??????

  2. LoVVered says:

    OMG! NO!
    This is a sound from a Russian KRAZ truck or ZIL truck but not Volvo sound… I say it because I’m russian, I know sounds of Volvo and sounds of russian trucks 😉

    • Joe says:

      It actually sounds pretty close to a stock Volvo sound, maybe the older ones, but it’s close. (but maybe the author should reduce the interior sound ;))
      I don’t know how a KRAZ or Zil trucks sound like so you might be right too 😉

      • javadmo says:

        zil and kraz sound are different
        search zil truck sound and kraz truck sound in YOutube
        u can see onws sounds !

  3. Tremonia1974 says:


    • javadmo says:

      Not fake and work but maybe not original sound of volvo fh sersies

      • Tremonia1974 says:

        Fakemod! Thats not volvo! Thats way its a fake mod!

  4. MAKO76 says:

    ГО В Н О!!!

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