Volvo FH – Stock Original Sound


This is sound mod for Volvo FH, extracted from version 1.21 – before version of now terrible sound… It works perfect on 1.22.x, but engine brake is silent, but working…



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  1. Hppns says:

    Engine brake in the Def file for sound was changed from “motor_brake[]: .mbrake” to “engine_brake[]: .eb”. Also, in the same file, “sound_engine_data: .mbrake” is now “sound_engine_data: .eb”

    Change those two values and your Engine brake sound will start working again


    • Major991CZ says:

      I must try this solution for motor , thank You for a clue ☺

  2. William says:

    I agree, the way things are going, Euro truck sim. 2 is loosing it, especially on the part of sound. Now they have come from great original game engine sounds to these terrible engine sounds especially in v1.22.

    I thought in any Game you play, Sound is the primary key, without it, you cant enjoy it, and even when you look at many games, sound/audio folder carries the most weight, i.e it has highest capacity.
    Somebody needs to talk to Euro Truck Simulator 2 team urgently ???????

    • AnthonyP. says:

      There is nothing wrong with what SCS is doing, the sounds they are adding are DIRECT recordings of the real life counterparts. The new sounds ARE what these newer EURO 6 trucks sound like. This isn’t the 80s anymore, trucks are being made quieter and more fuel efficient with each new generation. Just because you liked the previous sounds better doesn’t mean that they were the correct sounds for that truck.

      • WILLAIM says:

        Thanks, I understand. Here we even don’t have those new trucks yet, The real ones.

      • Kent W says:


        You do not know what you’re talking about.

        I drive myself truck in Sweden and Norway a big truck 25.25 meters 😛

        I can say that as Volvo in the game sounds, it does not sounds like that in real life!!

    • Blaziken777Sverige says:

      To be honest i like the new Volvo sounds, and in my opinion, the older sounded like s*** (Just my opinion tho, and if you think the older sound is better, it’s ok! 🙂 ).
      Anyways, i really hope that SCS will make the sound for MAN better tho… >_>

  3. Kev-Ski says:

    Thank you Major991CZ…

    I could kiss you… But I won’t cos I guess you’re a bloke like me LOL.

    Been waiting for a genius such as you to do this for us.

    I also agree with AnthonyP – However I prefer the original sound for the Volvo.

    Now, thanks to you – us mere mortals have the choice now.

    Thank you sir for this MOD.

  4. dimitry06 says:

    Compatible multiplayer?

    • Major991CZ says:

      Nope, mods doesn´t work with multiplayer. Only plugins, but this is very hard to create from this mod 🙂 I will try it in future…

  5. Shah says:

    Yes u r right..the volvo engine sound after 1.21 version is not good. We cant hear the engine sound separately. Its like mixed with the cabin sound. Earlier versions sound were the best. They were sharp and acceleration sound is separately audible which was very useful for a manual shifting.

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