Volvo FH Stock Sound Reworked


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Engine Sounds for Volvo FH 2009 and 2012 Trucks

Author: Kriechbaum


24 thoughts on “Volvo FH Stock Sound Reworked

  1. Thanks. Actually, I’ve been using the Cat 15 & Detroit Diesel 60 series sounds for all the stock trucks. But, I’ve started switching back the sounds with your Scania, Daf, and now Volvo reworked sounds. Thanks again.

    Please continue the great work.

  2. Sportive17

    Brilliant new Volvo sound Kriechbaum! As like your new Scania and Daf sounds.Keep up the great work you do.

  3. Way to go

    Love the great sounds. Thanks so much.
    Now if we could just get SCS to model the Tachometer so it does not move up and down with load with a manual gearbox. Unless the clutch is slipping when in gear the needle needs to move in relation to the speedometer.
    Anyway great work, keep it up!!

  4. breizhdave

    possible de le faire pour le FH 13 classic?


    1. kriechbaum

      Hello, and thanks to all !

      I forgot to mention : this sound mod already works for the Volvo FH13 (truck mod i use in this video).

      -Salut Dave, il marche déjà avec le FH13, j’ai oublié de le préciser.


  5. here is another example of the steadiness of the kriechbaum sound mods nobody can duplicate.another job well done–now on to the rest huh! by the way like the change in the shift sound keep that by all means in the future.

  6. Happy!!! Awesome work Kriechbaum!


  7. good job

  8. vlad_ivzh

    very good sound! thank you!

  9. Volvo mod please?

  10. Good, just a little bit quiet. 🙁
    This is a good sound volume. (
    Can you fix it?
    Thank you!

  11. wow when idle it just sounds like the real fh very good job and many thanks for uploading!

  12. link for the truck please even if it has no skin

  13. link for the truck please

  14. Nice work, Kriechbaum!
    A quality sound mod!
    Great “like a pipe” sound!

  15. Hey great sound for this volvo one of the best yet and no sound popping..very good with 7.1 headset 🙂

  16. ninsz uy barreta

    what version it is? its version 1.10?

  17. deneb_system

    best Volvo sound! big thx!

  18. kriechbaum

    You are welcome friends !!

    Happy that you appreciate it.

    1. deneb_system

      real make this sound for Mercedes and Daf?

  19. comme toujours c est de l exelent travaille merci

  20. Doesn’t work anymore with 1.17.1 🙁

    1. Faelandaea

      I used to use this sound a lot, but yeah took a break from ETS2 then came back this month. I’ll try this on 1.18 – hopefully it does still work but if not I;’ll follow up as well.

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