Volvo FH12 1994



Volk86,By_Kam’z Robertas14


17 thoughts on “Volvo FH12 1994

  1. Well Done,Good truck 😀

  2. Michael Fase

    what is it with all truck mods having fixed addons. make them optional for people like me who don’t want to drive with a windscreen full of stuff.

    1. Robertas14

      man. you know thats gonna take 5+ hours to make…

      1. Michael Fase

        as if making the model and getting it to work is quicker

  3. again you did a great job! very good graphics on wheels and cabin, thanks for all the trucks made​​!

  4. Raphael Nunes


    1. No, and it’s locked so nobody can make it standalone or remove the fixed accessories.

      1. ..and the game crashes every time you try to drive it and also starting a new profile doesnt work.. full of s..t! this mod.

      2. Robertas14

        i dont gonna give this model to anyone because people can steal my work and im not gonna happy about it…

        1. Michael Fase

          then atleast make it standalone and the addons optional. you will get more downloads if you do

          1. ..he should make this mod work properly.. the frontaxle is also screwed up. Why do they always have to release mods without testing them properly!

  5. Does it replace all volvo trucks?

  6. very nice work !!! 😀
    try it as soon as possible

  7. Puikus sunkvežimis Robertai 😉 Dar tave pažįstu iš 🙂

  8. я вот не понимаю, зачем на лобовое стекло вешать всякую хрень? вы, блин, еще цеточков понавесьте, девчачий прикид типа или портреты своих родственников. )))))Это все должно быть в дополнительных опциях!

  9. Where i can buy the truck?

  10. Hi, What’s the password of the archives .dds? i want make a skin for it plz give me the password 🙁

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