Volvo FH12 440 Euro 5 Real Interior

4 Cabin
2 İnterior (Original SCS İnterior)
4 Chassis
Some Plugins
1.25 & 1.26 Maybe error
1.27 Fix, Don’t problem
Don’t Re-upload , Please share with original link

Turkish (Türkçe):
4 Kabin
2 İç Kabin (Orjinal SCS İç kabini)
4 Şasi

Taina95 Kaptan06, Trucker


16 thoughts on “Volvo FH12 440 Euro 5 Real Interior

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Test 1.28…
    Crashes my game to windows
    I have no steering wheel

    1. Diablo,can you fix it please??

      1. PolishDriverTruck

        And where will find the main mod

        1. PolishDriverTruck

          I can not currently have time and this or similar volvo is already released

          1. you have time to test mod, no time to fix mod?

          2. PolishDriverTruck

            I installed the channel to test the mod and not to repair, so the first thing I do is test then how to find the repair time

            Repair module is occupied by the author

          3. PolishdriverTrucker


          4. PolishDriverTruck make only dollars with youtube nothing more. Not Support for the comunity…

  2. yan cama rüzgarlık eklermisiniz

  3. 7367Network

    The accessory ‘/def/vehicle/truck/volvo.fh13/interior/standard.sii’ conflicts with the accessory ‘’, which declares it as default or override (directly or indirectly)!
    Check the integrity of the vehicle’s accessory data. Adding item aborted.

  4. Yapacağın modun senin arkadaş 1.27de bile çalışmıyor ! cabin desen yok birşey şeçmeye kalktığında bile oyundan atıyor bi işide düzgün yapın !

  5. Вот она работает без вылетов

    1. Она то работает но приборка от FH16

  6. Umie+ktoś+to+naprawić?

  7. Naprawi ktos to modyfikacje.Te Volvo jest ZAJEBISTE.Blagam naprawcie je.

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