Volvo FH12


Volvo FH12 truck. Standalone truck. Changeable color. A lot of high quality details. Tested 1.15.x version!



10 thoughts on “Volvo FH12

  1. The autor is not Rafal,the real autor in from Romania,look at the registration plates

  2. noone difference about published in 17/01?

    1. PwnsterMaster

      I’m not a specialist or anything, but this mod looks more like FH13 😛

  3. Subliminal

    Rafal is just a lame spammer :vomit:

  4. Dude Mate

    No point in this mod. There’s already one included in the vanilla game.

  5. Sorin Patrik

    Hahaha, this is my old mod , never had it , only me and a good friend ! it’s fake guys 😉

  6. SORIN mi-l dai si mie?

  7. Trebuia sa fie roman,doar nu facea Rafal camionul cu numere de Romania,sa fim seriosi.Am crezut ca ExElErZ l-a facut,mi se paruse ca am vazut camionul asta pe un forum german.FAKE !!!

  8. looks ####, nothing like the images shown here

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