Volvo FH12 Bulgarian Edit 1.31

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Hey mates,
I updated the mod and now work with 1.31. There are no trailer cables but they will come soon. You can reach me on my blog and support me on my paypal here –

DG22, ScaniaMichl72


9 Responses to Volvo FH12 Bulgarian Edit 1.31

  1. Kenny Truck. says:

    test video

  2. ъи says:


  3. angel says:

    would you add globetrotter xl cab

    • DG22 says:

      I am already working on it. I learned how to use Zmodeler, and now I have done some cool stuff for the next update.
      Interior was edited (fixed some texture problems)
      The slots from front and back plate were removed
      XXL Cab is still not finished, but I am working on it.

  4. arnas0704 says:

    nice mod but you can add horsepower number on left and right sides and add more items in cab mod 9/10

  5. Morpa011 says:

    Can you make a template to the volvo?

  6. Swedish Trucker says:

    Awsome work! I would like to see more variations like painted grill etc in the future.

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