Volvo FH12 Bulgarian Edit

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This is reworked version of Emad’s Volvo FH12 mod.
Is added:
New paints
New plate number (Bulgarian)
New price of the truck
New standart colour
New names of some parts
Tested and work on 1.30

Emad Tofiq, DG22, ScaniaMichl72


17 Responses to Volvo FH12 Bulgarian Edit

  1. vusuv says:

    nice boy

  2. q says:

    a tei stz

  3. gufozot says:

    Not good ?

  4. EurotruckerPRO says:

    yeeeah this is not good

  5. Burkut'ATA says:

    Thanks dg22
    first of all ; I have a small question 🙂 will it continue update ? because it’s nica a mod 🙂 thanks for edit but i hope you can make more edit for example low deck etcs

    thanks again

    • DG22 says:

      Yes, soon will be updated but not with low decks…… sorry
      I will add this to my “todo” list and I will see If it come in the next update because I am very bussy with school and homeworks.

      Thank you 🙂

  6. Katschank says:

    Hd Video Test 1.30

  7. Miguel Rosa says:

    How did you get the truck in the game?

    • DG22 says:

      Haha. What’s this question? You want to know how to enable the mod or?

  8. Mr_Jackp0t says:

    Ще дадеш ли скайп

    • DG22 says:

      Не ползвам Skype. Facebook ще свърши ли работа?

  9. angel says:

    can you add globetrotter xl cab

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