Volvo FH12 TransTitra




8 thoughts on “Volvo FH12 TransTitra

  1. trucker estonia

    ###!!! thats volvo fm this mod is not volvo fh12

    1. Whats that for a ###### Video? No want to see how you drive the truck. We would see the Truck Configurator with the chassis and cabins etc.

      Sorry for my hard tone.

  2. fritsthetrucker

    file is for fm 12 and bodex…. video is wrong also… would you please post the right files…

  3. Volvo Fake

  4. scania4serielover

    this is a private mod for a russian vtc company. its fake!

  5. This mod private, but someone took a photo and posted.
    It’s my company truck.
    Lithuanian truck company not russian

    1. scania4serielover

      sorry,my bad. but my point was right!

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