Volvo FH16 2012 – HD Interior v1.2



New, more detailed textures for
– bed
– dashboard plastic
– leather on the wheel
– curtains
– carpet – it’s made by hand, I had to do those shapes on the carpet by hand. I think they are cool and I wanted to keep them.
– aluminium bars

– color corrections
*Less saturation on some textures this leading to a closer look to the real one. You can check in the screenshots the difference.

PS: I recommaned you see the screenshots in full size. You can do that by clicking on the gear in the right corner of the picture.

by nIGhT-SoN


7 Responses to Volvo FH16 2012 – HD Interior v1.2

  1. Baba says:

    always perfect, TYVMuch

  2. Mercohaulic says:

    ANy chance this can be made into a right hand drive version. Nice Job

  3. nIGhT-SoN says:

    It should work on a right hand drive too without any problems.

  4. BBQ says:

    Perhaps updating to 1.9.10 is the problem why we couldn,t use it ,so could you please make a version that suitable to 1.9.10?

    • nIGhT-SoN says:

      @BBQ: I’ve tested it right now, v1.9.11 and it works fine, no problems encountered. Maybe you have other outdated mods. This should work with any version since it doesn’t change the files that makes the game run, only the textures (images) that are applied over 3D models.

  5. Baba says:

    works without errors leftHD and RHDrive

    by me v1.9.11 (S)

  6. BBQ says:

    Oh i figure it out,your mod is not able to classic series, only for FH series…so it is still a good mod man

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