Volvo FH16 Sound mod


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Sound mod motor Volvo FH16 made using the modeling tool audio record transfer.
Plays engine sounds close to the real sounds of Volvo FH

scs, mesutxv


12 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 Sound mod

  1. breizhdave

    hello works for volvo fh classic by peerke ???

  2. Звук работает и на VNL-780

  3. Chaos Trucker

    Great Job!!! * * * * *

  4. хороший звук. вот только в кабине, в реальности, намного тише звук. помогает шумоизоляция.

  5. flemming jorgensen

    Does this mod also work with the new Volvo FH Standard game version??

  6. Good sound, may I suggest you post this also in the official SCS forum, I’m sure people would appreciate it.

  7. Hi Mensutxv Can u pm me Please I need to ask u something Please.

  8. This sound is not compatible with the new volvo

  9. Mrtheflashback

    This mod crashes my game if I try to drive the default SCS Classic FH16

  10. the air sounds are a bit too much imo

  11. Don´t have the blinker sounds?

  12. Great sound, but does it need to be updated for 1.22, because i think i´m missing more but blinker sounds

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